Directorate of Legislative Procedures and Committee Services


Directorate of Legislative Procedures and Committee Services

The Directorate is currently composed of 17 staff members headed by M.G Waweru who is also the Deputy Clerk. This Directorate ensures the running of the Assembly and more so in matters pertaining to legislation and generally committee activities. Its offices are those of Director, Legal Personnel, Clerk Assistants, Sergeant – at – arms, Commissionaires, Administration assistants and Security Wardens.

This Directorate is charged with the following mandates:

  1. Planning and co-coordinating functions and operations of a section within the Clerk’s Chambers, namely: The Committee Office; Procedural Research;
  2. Protocol and Conferences Office; Assembly Organizations and Exchange Programs; Journals Office; County Assembly Service Board, Secretariat; Administrative and Financial Duties;
  3. Offering advice on procedure and practice to the Speaker, other Presiding Officers and Members of the County Assembly.
  4. Offering administrative services to various types of Assembly committees including the County Assembly Service Board.
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